The Cats Of The Household

As promised, here's a page dedicated to my new little kitten and some of the other cats of the house - and now with dogs!.

Would you like a Max of your own?  If you're in the Southern California area, you can find Max's relatives at the deGoonacoon Cattery.

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My neighbor, while walking her dog, found 3 kittens in a plastic bag - all in good shape.  People can be monsters at times - This little monster is Wacko

This is Yacko - the noisiest and squirmiest.

This is Dot - a mix between a tabby & a mackrel - my little wildcat girl.

Wacko, Yack, & Dot
They play together, sleep together, but they don't eat together - they're little wolverines at dinnertime.

Someone who's a little small for their britches.

Max & Yacko
Max really loves Yacko -
he just doesn't want anyone to know it.

Spike & Max
Terrie's new dachshund - and Max's new playtoy!

Who's Eating Whom?
Don't worry - as big a monster as Max is, Spike is an even bigger one.


Go For The Throat!
Max pretending to take down a wild animal - which isn't too far off...

Phantom & Tribble
I got these recently when thier momma abandoned them
- their eyes were just opening.

Phantom & Tribble
About the only way to see them both at once
- Phantom is a terrible squirm.

So named because she has a mask similar to the Phantom Of The Opera - a tortie.

Tribble was not presenting any idea for a name, until she rolled over on her back, and let Terrie scratch her belly - at which point she started purring like a tribble - a tortie/tabby.

Phantom Feeding
Max very interested in Phantom feeding - he has been trying to steal the bottle ever since I got it out.

Tribble Feeding
Tribble takes to feeding very well - except that both she & Phantom are teething - makes them a little fussy. Both of them have such great suction, they collapse the bottle.

Loose Kittens
Phantom & Tribble on the loose - they are now in the exploring stage.

Cat On A Hat
Phantom climbed up here all herself - of course, that's my hand being sure behind her...

Max taking care of Phantom - with a little protest from Tribble.

Cat On A Hat
Max being caught being nice to Tribble.

Baby Max
Max when he was 2 months old

Max & His Brother
Max & his brother (Max is the silver one, his brother is a
brown tabby like his sire).  Both are about 4 months old.

Max's Sire
Max's Sire Zambezi (Supreme Grand Champion / Regional Winner).

Sleeping Max
Max after his long car ride home.  Don't believe him here -
he's a furious ball of activity when he's awake.  Which is
generally in the middle of the night...

Max On Guard
An alert Max.

Max & his Dad
Me giving Max noogies.

Max & his Mom
Max resting with his Mom.

Sprawling Max
Max keeping Mom from floating away.

Max Helping With The Paperwork
Max helping with the paperwork.

Max Beat After A Long Day
Max after helping with the paperwork.

Max All Sacked Out
Max all sacked out.

Max In The Dining Hall
Max in the dining hall.

Ready For Shipping, World-Wide
Max helping me with shipping.

Max In Position
Terrie only thinks it's her art table - in fact, it's Max's
scratching area.  He goes to the table even if Terrie's
not there to wait for her - or call her...

Max & Elsa
Max CAN get along with Elsa - sometimes.

The Pile
Ivan, Max, Bon Bon, & Scarlett.

WHAT Feather?!

Bad Boys
Like Ivan before him, Max doesn't
know how to keep out of trouble.

Max's Splint
The splint makes him noiser, it doesn't slow him down at all.

Ivan Blackheart
Ivan, Max's new big brother.

Wobbley Ivan
A wobbley baby Ivan.

Ivan Hiding
Remember this scene from HAVOC #1?

Baby Ivan
Baby Ivan drinking.  I had to cut the tip off the bottle - he wanted milk shooters - if he got "squit-squit-squit", he got really agitated.

Pathetic Ivan
When Ivan was a baby, he was a jumping spider.  I'm not
sure how he did it, but I think he landed wrong one time,
and came limping out to me.  It was just a sprain, and he
was pathetic for 2 days - until he realized that he could
beat up on Shadow with the splint.  Shadow stayed
up on the boxes till Ivan got the splint off.

Ivan & Bon Bon
I got Ivan very shortly after Terrie got a new dachshund -
so they grew up together.  They wrestle, play tag,
and both chase balls - and they still do!

Ivan Relaxing
Ivan loved the pap-san chair we used to have - he could always be found on his back in the bowl of the chair.

Elsa The Lion-Hearted
Elsa, Max's new big sister.

Alert Elsa
An alert (and somewhat less pudgy) Elsa.

Ivan & Elsa
Ivan & Elsa.

Winky, the leader of the outdoor kittens.

Twinky, Winky's sister.

Blackjack, Winky's brother.

Spooky, Winky's littlest sister.

Shadow, my old 18 pound cat -
and a cooler cat I've never found.

How Embarrassing
You could do anything to Shadow -
even pile snow leopards all over him.

Shadow and Baby Ivan
Shadow & Ivan (Ivan was very small, note the size difference!)

Shadow and Willow
Shadow & Willow sleeping in a teddy bear bunk bed (right after this shot, I had to re-enforce the TOP bunk - Shadow jumped into it, and collapsed the whole thing.  Hey, it wasn't designed to support 18 pound teddy bears jumping into it!)

Baby Willow
Willow when he was about 3 weeks old.

Willow Sleeping
Willow could sleep anywhere (and for you completists out there, that was one of the last working Victor VI's in the background.)

My Willow, gone but never forgotten (Birman).

Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy, who came to me nicely pregnant
(I found homes for all her kids).

Piggy's Kids
Piggy & her brood.



Queenie, the kitten in charge.

Grace (originally Queenie) when she was grown up -
called Grace because she had none.

He was hanging around Miss Piggy, so the name Kermit just fit.

Kermit & Willow
Kermit after I got him to realize that calling for Daddy
to make it stop raining didn't work, but coming in
and sleeping on Daddy's warm, dry bed did.

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