HAVOC, Inc. Information               
HAVOC, Inc. Information

What about HAVOC, Inc.?  Well, let me tell you about that.  It seems that since Terrie was late for the last deadline (issue 10), Diamond Comics Distributing (they who control pretty much all the comics distribution in the US - and so have a lot of sway) decided to no longer carry HAVOC, Inc.  Which is not to say they're picking on us - they're picking on everyone (Radio Comix, Dark Horse as well as other "larger" small press publishers.)  While yes, it is partly Terrie's fault, they could be a bit more flexible (but obviously they don't have to be, so they won't.  So there!)  Does this mean the end of HAVOC, Inc.?


The rep that Radio deals with loves the book and wants to keep handling it - but not as a comic - as a graphic novel.  Such as being re-issued for issues 1-4, and coming soon, issues 5-8.  So Terrie has got to get issues 11 & 12 finished, and the whole thing can be released as a graphic novel.  It's not an ideal solution, but it does work.  And there are distinct advantages to a graphic novel from the distribution side (like them not holding so tightly to a deadline - when it's done, they handle it!)  So fear not, it's not gone, it's just coming out in a new form (the dangers of radiation in space, and all that...)

In fact, here's what the cover for issue 10 would be:

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