[Fantasy Illustrations By Little Paw]

Here's the latest listing!:  This is the first after Califur 2015 - the new ones are: Alex Pinup, Anuket & Khalfani, Baby Bumps, Chester & Benji, Chester Loves Kei, Cindy’s Harley, Clan Of The Panda Bear, Cuddles, Deca Stays Cool, Easy Rider, Egyption Cosplay, Etheras, Francisco Loves Amrod, Fronia II, Full Metal Chester, Lahela, MineMineMine!, On The Way To Comic Con, Osiris & Tameri, Play Time, Princess Godzilla, Rorschene, Samira, Space Cadet, Sword Dance, The Disruptor, The Writer.

And yes, I have heard your cries, and I respond!  There is now a thumbnails page that will show you all the available prints.  These are not large views, but you'll be able to get an idea of what the picture looks like.  There are a lot of images, so it may take a minute to load (especially for slower connections) - so please be patient.

What are those little [pic to take thumbnails]'s at the end of the description?  A few people have had problems loading the larger thumbnails page (using WebTV and such...)  This allows you to bring up JUST the picture in the description, using much less system resources (and faster than loading the whole page.)

For those of you asking, the X/Y numbers at the end of the descriptions are the Number Made/Number Left (as of the listing.)  And, the new address is:

Glen Wooten, Post Office Box 1376, Lemon Grove, CA   91946-1376


And a few more pointers for those of you doing mail order: All cheques are made out to Glen Wooten; no cash, please (for your own safety); send everything to the P.O. box; and check with me first to reserve your prints and get correct pricing!  If you're a first time order, we may need an age statement, depending on what you want.  And now, THIS:


“A DIFFERENT KIND OF COMPANION”:  The Tenth Doctor has just given a key to the TARDIS to Aleksander Brandywine, his new Companion.  Who also happens to be a white centaur.  10/6[Thumbnail of A ]

“ADIGIA LOVES HANS”:  Adigia (coyote fem, red hair) and Hans (red fox male) spooning in bed, Hans fondling Adigia intimately.  15/9[Thumbnail of Adigia Loves Hans]

“ALDEBARAN”:  Mule fem, apricot dun spotted; blue eyes; nude full-body kneeling ¾ rear pose; posing with her garden gnome.  20/4[Thumbnail of Aldebaran]

“ALEX & RACHEL”:  Alex the arctic fox drummer and Rachel the whitetail keytarist from Foxonian's all girl band.  20/14[Thumbnail of Alex & Rachel]

New at CaliFur 2015“ALEX PINUP”:  Alex the Arctic Fox drummer from Foxonian's Cassie's Band, posing with drum set and red bikini.  Modest.  10/8[Thumbnail of Alex Pinup]

“ANASTASIA”:  Arctic Fox fem © Kalahari; white hair; blue eyes; black stud collar and crop top, blue jean shorts.  Modest.  15/7[Thumbnail of Anastasia]

New at CaliFur 2015“ANUKET & KHALFANI”:  Black Jackal fem seated in the saddle in front of handsome Striped Hyena male, on the back of a red bay Arabian horse.  Arabian Nights type costuming.  Characters used with permission of Karl Kratt.  5/3[Thumbnail of Anuket & Khalfani]

“ARNOLDINE”:  Lioness fem; blond; blue eyes; nude ¾ rear shot.  Modest.  10/8[Thumbnail of Arnoldine]

New at CaliFur 2015“BABY BUMPS”:  Tessiha the Polar Bear (used with permission) compares her impressive "baby bump" with her pregnant Raccoon friend.  Modest.  5/2[Thumbnail of Baby Bumps]

“BASKA”:  Snow leopard fem; silver hair; blue-green eyes; bone and ivory bracelet and necklace; nude flank shot.  20/10[Thumbnail of Baska]

“BED BUDDY” Dual panel print of a lounging Chester in bed.  The first is a full frontal nude with decorative bangles; the second shows Chester on his side in a red backless top and loincloth.  Adult male nudity.  20/13[Thumbnail of Bed Buddy]

“BENEATH THE TREES”:  Rakai, a herm Arctic Fox, and Fibonacci, an Akita/Dragon hybrid, enjoy a bit of lovemaking beneath the trees.  Both nude.  Characters of evilguy20, used with permission.  10/5[Thumbnail of BeneathThe Trees]

“BETSY, GIRL HERO”:  Betsy Simmons, jaguar superhero, leaping into battle with guns blazing.  Well-armed and dressed in green.  Modest.  40/10[Thumbnail of Betsy, Girl Hero]

“BFFs”:  Chester the Ringtail and his partner Chris Deck the canine; head and shoulders hug as they notice you watching.  30/3[Thumbnail of BFFs]

“BIYU”:  Chinese Crested dog fem; portrait; grey and white spots; green eyes; cherry blossoms in hair; Chinese motif. 25/15[Thumbnail of Biyu]

“BODACIOUS CHESTER”:  Chester, full standing frontal figure, posing in an off-white open shirt and nothing else.  Relaxed frontal male nudity.  40/5[Thumbnail of Bodacious Chester]

“BUDDY SEX”:  Chester the Ringtail and Fuzz the Wolf have friendly butt sex.  Much fun is obviously being had.  Fuzz is the character of Fuzzwolf, used with permission.  Warning: Explicit male/male sex. 30/23[Thumbnail of Buddy Sex]

“CAL & DAR”:  Wolf boyfriends Calheb and Dar embracing on the banks of a lovely river on a summer day.  Characters © Sesquin.  20/17[Thumbnail of cal & Dar]

“CALLIOPE TORA”:  Raccoon fem; ash brown hair; green eyes; red stud earring; blue off-shoulder dress, bodice and brown boots; ¾ rear full body shot looking over shoulder.  Calliope is the character of Zervon, used with permission.  20/13[Thumbnail of Calliope Tora]

“CAPT. JACK COSPLAY”:  Grey cat dressed as Capt. Jack Sparrow checking his "look" out in a mirror.  10/6[Thumbnail of Capt. Jack Cosplay]

“CASSIE PIN-UP”:  Cassie the Rock Vixen (brunette, blue eyes); choker, blue bra, panties, sheer stockings; sitting in a comfy chair.  Cassie © Foxonian, used with permission  20/13[Thumbnail of Cassie Pinup]

“CHARLIE LOVES MOLLIE”:  Panda girls! Charlie (blond, gold eyes) and Mollie (silver hair, green eyes) in tank tops and short shorts, making out on the couch; nipple exposed, girl-on-girl.  20/14[Thumbnail of Charlie Loves Mollie]

“CHERRY'S LOCKET”:  The cat member of The Furry Pair shows off her locket with a picture of her partner Shay on it.  25/16[Thumbnail of Cherry's Locket]

New at CaliFur 2015“CHESTER & BENJI”:  Chester happily kissing with Benji the Grey Kangaroo (used with Socom_3's permission.)  Chester is sporting a nice stiffy.  Explicit male nudity.  10/6[Thumbnail of Chester & Benji]

New at CaliFur 2014“CHESTER LOVES KEI”:  Chester the Ringtail and Kei the Red Fox (© Angelgothfox, used with permission), playing dress-up in lovely lacy lingerie.  Modest.  15/5[Thumbnail of Chester Loves Kei]

“CHESTER LOVES KRAUTI”:  Krauti Mercedes, a black and white kyrin, (used with permission) has just pulled out of Chester.  Nice angle.  Explicit male nudity.  20/14[Thumbnail of Chster Loves Krauit]

“CHESTER LOVES LIGHTFOX”:  Red fox boy Lightfox holding Chester in a "bride's carry" pose.  Lightfox © M. Lightfox.  30/21[Thumbnail of Chester Loves Lightfox]

“CHESTER LOVES PAWPAL”:  Chester the Ringtail and Pawpal the Caracal playfully explore each other's bodies.  Explicit male nudity.  15/12[Thumbnail of Chester Loves Pawpal]

“CHEX”:  Raccoon fem; blond; amber eyes; full body ¾ rear nude as she props herself against a pillar.  Modest.  10/5[Thumbnail of Chex]

“CHINA MOLLY”:  Molly the panda; white hair, green eyes; nude, holding a pink parasol; full body shot.  20/6[Thumbnail of China Molly]

New at CaliFur 2014“CINDY'S HARLEY”:  Cindy the Snow Leopard (© Foxonian), in bra, panties, garters and stockings, lounges invitingly on her black Harley motorcycle. 10/5[Thumbnail of Cindy's Harley]

New at CaliFur 2015“CLAN OF THE PANDA BEAR”:  A spoof of the famous movie poster for Clan of the Cave Bear, Ayla the Panda has painted her face in ceremonial red and black, making a striking sight.  Portrait, realistic style.  Original in coloured pencil on coloured paper.  10/9[Thumbnail of Clan Of The Panda Bear]

“CLAUDE LOVES ABAKAN”:  Claude the chestnut Belgian Draft Horse and Abakan the red squirrel, having a quiet exploration before getting down to business.  Male-on-male, nudity.  Characters of Abakan.  Used with permission.  10/6[Thumbnail of Claude Loves Abakan]

“CLEAR WATER”:  A red-eared turtle visits with an orange and white koi fish in water so clear the surface is nearly invisible.  Realistic style, original in coloured pencil.  10/7[Thumbnail of Clear Water]

“COMFY”:  Karina the green dragon crouches nude in the mouth of the cave where she was held prisoner, holding in her hand the man who has freed her, as he cuddles her enormous breast.  Karina belongs to R. Sokolnicki.  10/6[Thumbnail of Comfy]

“COMPANIONS”:  Ringo the desert mouse, Winterbourne the sabertooth cat and Dainai the red fox: good friends and companions.  All © Delran.  20/14[Thumbnail of Companions]

“CONNAL”:  Cheetah nude, hermaphrodite; natural hair, amber eyes; frontal relaxed nude.  © Cmdr. Kitsune.  20/13[Thumbnail of Connal]

“COSMIC RAYE”:  Silver fox fem; blond; gold eyes; silver heart pendant and bracelet; yellow bikini, kneeling pose.  Modest.  30/8[Thumbnail of Cosmic Raye]

New at CaliFur 2015“CUDDLES”:  Shiva the Silver Fox and Yang Li the Golden Dragon (© Foxonian) cuddling in bed in their bras and panties.  Modest.  5/4[Thumbnail of Cuddle]

“CULTURAL SWITCH COSPLAY”:  Kitt, an African lioness, and her Native American black wolf lover have switched cultural costumes: Kitt wears a deerskin dress while her wolf is dressed as a Zulu warrior.  Characters © Kitt Mouri  20/18[Thumbnail of Cultural Switch Cosplay]

“DEARLY BELOVED”:  Art Nouveau 1880s wedding picture: Victor the white tiger in a tux and Cindy, his snow leopard bride, in an ivory wedding dress modeled after Princess Amadalla's.  Victor © A. Cotton, Cindy © Foxonian 10/7[Thumbnail of Dearly Beloved]

New at CaliFur 2015“DECA STAYS COOL”:  Sable Collie gal; blond; blue eyes; silver earring; hair tie, stripy bikini, heeled sandals; top untied to show breasts,  Deca has a drippy strawberry ice cream cone and a happy Tonkinese Cat to enjoy the messy drips.  5/3[Thumbnail of Deca Stays Cool]

“DO NOT WANT”:  Mercy the hyena gal is looking for snu-snu, and she has her sights set on Chester (who is fleeing to avoid a crushed pelvis!)  15/11[Thumbnail of Do NOT Want]

“DOC POSSUM”:  Crusty frontier opossum doctor astride a chestnut tovero horse, holding a rifle.  Scrub lands in background.  Doc Possum © Brombear.  10/5[Thumbnail of Doc Possum]

“DOCTOR STEAM”:  A foxy Victorian Doctor and his steam TARDIS, THE Doctor holds up a pocket watch as he waits for you.  20/18[Thumbnail of Doctor Steam]

“DR. DEALGOOD”:  Dr. Dealgood of Bartertown as a white weasel – ready to do Auntie's bidding.  Bust a Deal, and Face the Wheel!  10/8[Thumbnail of Dr. Dealgood]

“DRESS UP”:  Chester and his friend Biscuits the white mouse play dress up – Chester is buttoning up a lovely black bodice for him.  The boys look very cute together!  Biscuits © McSqueaky  20/14[Thumbnail of Dress Up]

New at CaliFur 2015“EASY RIDER”:  Chester the Ringtail and Werefox (used with permission) steam up the sheets as Chester rides him cowboy-style.  Explicit male-male sex.  10/5[Thumbnail of Easy Rider]

New at CaliFur 2015“EGYPTIAN COSPLAY”:  Chester, dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh, inspects a mummy-wrapped Rubbervixen (© Vikki) the Arctic Fox as she kneels before him in his throne room.  10/8[Thumbnail of Egyptian Cosplay]

“EGYPTIAN ROYALTY”:  Grey Fox male and Lynx fem dressed as a prince and princess of ancient Egypt.  Lyle and Rebecca are characters of Commander Kitsune, and are used with permission.  20/9[Thumbnail of Egyptian Royalty]

“ELVIRA”:  Crab-Eating Fox fem; blond; brown eyes; silver earrings, black headband and bracelet; nude, lying on her stomach, a single nipple showing.  25/6[Thumbnail of Elvira]

“ERR…”:  Chris Deck (canine) is the reluctant center of attention between Chester MaGreer (ringtail) and DragonOrca. Deck is fully clothed, but Chester and DragonOrca are showing "southern exposure."  DragonOrca © DragonOrca. 30/18[Thumbnail of Err…]

“ETHAN & EVAN”:  Twin canine brothers, one riding the other cowboy style, with open obvious affection.  Explicit twincest.  10/6[Thumbnail of Ethan & Evan]

“ETHAN BLUE”:  Snow leopard male; silver hair; blue eyes; blue loincloth, tassels and silver bells; lounging in the snow and chatting with a pair of blue jays.  25/4[Thumbnail of Ethan Blue]

New at CaliFur 201“ETHERAS”:  White Fennec Fox (© Jaspian, used with permission) dripping in gold jewelry, green panties and garters, white stockings; full standing pose with scarab back-drop.  5/3[Thumbnail of Etheras]

“FAN DANCE”:  Chester the ringtail in skimpies, dancing with oriental fans.  30/9[Thumbnail of Fan Dance]

“FASHION PLATES”:  Chester the ringtail, wearing a brown leather vest and posing pouch, and Pantherion the snow leopard, wearing a red jacket and tight rose breeches, pose for the fans.  15/10[Thumbnail of Fashion Plates]

“FETCH”:  Doberman Pincher male; undocked tail, cropped ears; one eye red, one eye violet; collar, dog tags, watch; nude with a Frisbee in his lap covering his "naughty" bits; pool toy – there is a plug in his navel.  Makks is a character of Makks Doberman, and is used with permission.  15/12[Thumbnail of Fetch]

“FOXY LADIES”:  A pair of vixens, a red (blonde, violet eyes) and a crab-eating fox (red hair, brown eyes); spooning nude.  40/4[Thumbnail of Foxy Ladies]

“FOXY ROXY”:  Red Fox fem; blond; green eyes; nude and sitting on a log near a waterfall.  Roxy is © R. Sokolnicki.  20/12[Thumbnail of Foxy Roxy]

New at CaliFur 201“FRANCISCO LOVES AMROD”: White Tiger boys lounging together in the nude, obviously enjoying being together.  Amrod is © Amrod, used with permission.  Explicit male nudity.  10/9[Thumbnail of Francisco Loves Amrod]

“FRIDAY'S CHILD”:  'Friday's Child is Loving and Giving'; dilute calico cat girl; red hair; green eyes; red lace dress; she feeds her pet ringtail a goldfish.  From the Days series.  Modest  25/11[Thumbnail of Friday's Child]

“FRONIA”:  Red fox fem; blond, blue eyes; full standing frontal nude; she stands in the hall outside a closed door, holding a teddy bear and silently crying.  20/11[Thumbnail of Fronia]

New at CaliFur 2015“FRONIA II”:  Fronia the Red Fox girl returns, this time lying on her bed hugging her teddy and crying.  10/8[Thumbnail of Fronia II]

“FRUMA & FROU FROU”:  Kinkajou fem; brunette; grey eyes; black lace bra, undies and stockings with red trim, black pumps; Frou Frou the low chen on a leash; stained glass design in background.  PETS series.  20/7[Thumbnail of Fruma & Frou Frou]

New at CaliFur 2015“FULL METAL CHESTER”:  A cybernetic Chester in the style of Raiden from METAL GEAR RISING.  15/12[Thumbnail of Full Metal Chester]

“GILDA”:  White tiger fem; blond; brown eyes; pearl necklace and bracelet; full body sitting nude, rubbing her nipple.  30/18[Thumbnail of Gilda]

“GIRL CUDDLE":  Kittfur, a cute green-eyed canid girl with blond hair streaked with brown (glasses, pink crop top and denim cut-offs), and XianJaguar (red hair, green eyes, green midriff and thigh-length shorts) kneel and cuddle.  Cute!  10/7[Thumbnail of Girl Cuddle]

“GOING FOR A DIP”:  Pamela is a busty reverse colour skunk; black hair; blue yes; full frontal nude; Pamela is returning from skinny dipping in the ocean, and has come through the white picket fence of her summer cottage.  Pamela © R. Sokolnicki  10/3[Thumbnail of Going For A Dip]

“GREY LADY”:  Jaguarundi fem, blond, blue-green eyes; gold hoop earrings; bronze plate necklace and girdle; leather wrist guards, fur skirt, short sword.  10/6[Thumbnail of Grey Lady]

“HAINUWELE”:  Striped hyena fem; brunette; blue eyes; tube shirt, sashes, skirt; goddess from the isle of Cena, connected with prosperity.  Mucha-style presentation.  Goddess series.  20/14[Thumbnail of Hainuwele]

“HALLA”:  Spotted skunk fem; blond; grey eyes; full frontal nude; holding a paintbrush in her mouth, she shows off a rose/heart "tattoo."  30/14[Thumbnail of Halla]

“HAN'S GIRLS”:  Hans the red fox is enjoying the attention of two Pine Marten girls: Bronwen and Mari.  All three are mostly nude and cuddling on the couch with Hans in the middle.  20/12[Thumbnail of Han's Girls]

“HANS LOVES MOLLY”:  Hans the red fox lies back as Molly the panda rocks on top of him, in loving passion.  20/15[Thumbnail of Hans Loves Molly]

“HAREM BOY”:  Lion boy (brown mane, blue eyes, blue harem outfit) dances for his blue-eyed red fox prince.  10/8[Thumbnail of Harem Boy]

“HELLUVA SELFIE”:  Chester the Ringtail, in a black-and-gold vest and red posing pouch, taking a photo of himself with Tezzereth the White Tiger, looking uncomfortable in a skimpy green vest and near-speedos.  15/11[Thumbnail of Helluva Selfie]

“HIKING”:  Rix the grey wolf and his friend Lana the red fox, out on the hiking trail together.  Lana and Rix © Aelius_24.  15/8[Thumbnail of Hiking]

“HOLLY”:  Brown bear fem; carrot-top; green eyes; silver heart necklace; full-body sitting nude.  30/8[Thumbnail of Holly]

“HOLT”:  Cat fem, grey with Siamese points; brunette; amber eyes; white panties; topless.  20/5[Thumbnail of Holt]

“HONEYDEW”:  Impala fem; brunette; blue-green eyes; full-body crouching nude, ¾ rear shot.  Modest.  15/5[Thumbnail of Honeydew]

“HONORINE”:  Snow leopard fem; brunette; brown eyes; gold earrings, plastic bracelet; full body sitting nude, listening to iPod and holding her removed green lined thong.  30/12[Thumbnail of Honorine]

“HOT SPRING”:  Heather (black wolf) and Shadarii (red fox with monarch wings), both red haired and green eyed; full standing figures, snowy landscape; the girls stand together warming their feet in the hot spring.  Heather © tButargensis, Shadarii © Paul Kidd.  Used with permission.  20/15[Thumbnail of Hot Spring]

“I OBJECT!”:  Chester doing a bit of cosplay as Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney.  "Objection!!" 30/24[Thumbnail of I Object!]

“INFERNO”:  Wrap-around cover for CHOSEN PEOPLE, a scene from "A Lapist Story" showing bunny Sheriff Juniper attempting to rescue a school bus of human children trapped in a forest fire.  10/7[Thumbnail of Inferno]

“I'VE GOT A BAD FEELING”:  Chezne the cheetah and his lady friend Zazelle the clouded leopard in the dark woods, back to back and bows ready as monsters lurk in the trees.  © Chezne and Nicole D.  20/15[Thumbnail of I've Got A Bad Feeling]

“JAHAHINDEE GENDERBENDER”:  JahahIndee is my foxy feline alien (Belisian) who is actually a male, but someone wanted to see him as a female.  So, here you go!  Sitting in a tree surrounded by pissed birds, mildly nude.  10/7[Thumbnail of Jahahindee Genderbender]

“JANEE”:  Unicorn fem; blonde; grey eyes; pale pink umbrella, merry widow, and stockings trimmed in black.  It's raining.  20/4[Thumbnail of Janee]

“JETHRA”:  Cross fox fem; blond; blue eyes; nude, full body, ¾ pose looking over shoulder as she walks toward the beach carrying a surf board.  Modest.  20/6[Thumbnail of Jethra]

“JEZEL'S TRUCK”:  Collie fem (white hair, blue eyes) washing her red Dodge Ram truck in front of her ranch house.  Wearing a white cowgirl hat, red plaid midriff and denim "Daisy Dukes".  10/7[Thumbnail of Jezel's Truck]

“JOSIE LOVES HANS”:  Hans the red fox being ridden by Josie the black tigress, both nude and loving it.  20/17[Thumbnail of Josie Loves Hans]

“JULIA”:  Hooded skunk fem; white hair; gold eyes; gold earring; nude, full body ¾ pose looking over shoulder, one breast exposed.  She holds a rose behind her back, a large red heart as her backdrop.  30/4[Thumbnail of Julia]

“JUMP SHOT”:  Skates the leopard (blond hair with beads, green eyes), dressed in Led Zeppelin t-shirt and kilt, playing basketball and going for a jump shot.  Skates © Wyatt Kelly 20/17[Thumbnail of Jump Shot]

“JUSSY”:  Banded mongoose fem; black hair; green eyes; pink flower leis around head, neck, wrists and ankles, blue bandeau, grass skirt; hula girl!  20/11[Thumbnail of Jussy]

“KARAOKE”:  Deck and Chester sing a duet at a karaoke bar.  30/10[Thumbnail of Karaoke]

“KIMBER”:  Bat fem; blond wavy hair, caramel eyes; tortoiseshell bracelet; white and red shift.  Full body shot leaning back against a tree.  10/7[Thumbnail of Kimber]

New at CaliFur 2014“LAHELA”:  Arabian Horse fem; dapple grey with brown eyes; gold nipple ring; ¾ rear nude pose, leaning against a giant red pillow.  10/7[Thumbnail of Lahela]

“LEON & KAPPY”:  Leon the dog and his girlfriend Kappy the skunk, in a nice standing embrace.  Kappy and Leon © Kappy.  20/13[Thumbnail of Leon & Kappy]

“LETHA”:  Golden tiger fem; brunette; violet eyes; full body ¾ nude; pink bow on tail; with stool and dressing table.  30/10[Thumbnail of Letha]

“LIVELY IN LACE”:  Chester the Ringtail, in a fancy black lace body stocking, enjoying some anal fun with Werefox the Red Fox.  Explicit male-male sexual activity.  15/11[Thumbnail of Lively In Lace]

“LIVONA”:  Cougar fem; black hair, blue eyes; silver loop earrings; red bra.  Full body kneeling pose, ¾ rear shot looking back over her shoulder.  Modest.  10/5[Thumbnail of Livona]

"LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON”:  Zazelle (clouded leopard fem) and Chezne (cheetah) making love in the grass.  Chezne lays on his back on a cape while Zazelle straddles him for a little love in the afternoon.  Both are nude.  Characters © Chezne & Zazelle.  20/12[Thumbnail of Love In The Afternoon]

“LUNDEN”:  River otter male; blue eyes; blue jeans.  Lunden is a character of Lunden Otter, and is used with permission.  15/11[Thumbnail of Lunden]

“MAGNA LOVES ANGELO”:  Magna the tigress gives her boyfriend Angelo the sable antelope a hand-job.  © Ezzleo. Explicit sexual content.  20/10[Thumbnail of Magna Loves Angelo]

“MAID OF HAVOC”:  Chester poses in a French maid outfit, complete with fishnet stockings, lifting his ruffled petticoats to show off his boy bits; a full length mirror behind him gives a nice view of one butt cheek.  Mature  30/18[Thumbnail of Maid Of HAVOC]

“MAKE MY DAY”:  Jennifer the black rat (red hair, green eyes) has been the victim of an experiment which has backfired on her captors.  Jennifer © R. Sokolnicki  20/18[Thumbnail of Make My Day]

“MAKKS LOVES FRITZIE”:  Makks the inflatable Doberman and Fritzie the plush German Shepherd embrace and look deep into each others eyes.  Characters © Makks & Fritzie, used with permission.  10/7[Thumbnail of Makks Loves Fritzie]

“MARTHA”:  Desert Jerboa fem; blond; brown eyes; gold earring, necklace, bracelets and rings; nude, full body reclining on her belly.  Modest.  20/3[Thumbnail of Martha]

“METAL SCORPION”:  Twin white bunny sisters Ivy and Winter (copper hair, blue eyes) have their own metal band: Metal Scorpion.  10/8[Thumbnail of Metal Scorpion]

“MIA & DIEGO”:  Mia the Clouded Leopard (brown hair and eyes) finally has the love of her boss Diego the Lynx (graying hair, brown eyes), as he looks longingly into her eyes.  She spills her coffee as she gazes back.  10/8[Thumbnail of Mia & Diego]

New at CaliFur 2015“MINEMINEMINE!”:  Chester the Ringtail ordering in a bar, is surprised by a miniature Red Fox (Karishad, used with permission) suddenly clinging to his foot like a love-struck leech.  10/5[Thumbnail of MineMineMine!]

“MOLLY FULLIN”:  Furry fantasy fem with five long fluffy tails; red hair; blue eyes; aqua sundress with slit up side and a balloon; full body figure.  Molly is a character of Bart Barnes, and is used with permission.  20/15[Thumbnail of Molly Fullin]

“MOO LOVES CHESTER”:  Moo the sheep/goat hybrid, sporting attractive tribal tattoos, shares a lovely kiss and grope with Chester.  Mature  Moo © Commodore Marie, used with permission.   30/21[Thumbnail of Moo Loves Chester]

“MOTANISH”:  Polar Bear fem; brunette; green eyes; black bra, garter and fishnets; no panties, but nothing showing.  15/5[Thumbnail of Motanish]

“MR. BODDY”:  The Art Pirates' latest challenge for FC: Clue. My card was the solution card.  Mr. Boddy (a wolf) was bludgeoned with a pipe in the Conservatory by Mrs. White.  Poor Mr. Boddy lies on the floor as we look down on him, a pool of blood around his head, the pipe nearby.  30/17[Thumbnail of Mr. Boddy]

“MR. MEPHIT LOVES SILVER RAT”:  Mr. Mephit the skunk with blue stripes makes love with his boyfriend SilverRat the fancy mouse.  © J. Johnson.  20/11[Thumbnail of Mr. Mephit Loves Silver Rat]

“MY DEAREST”:  Chris Deck and Chester MaGreer – What can I say? It's love.  Explicit male-male sexual activity.  15/8[Thumbnail of My Dearest]

“NILJEMAS & MOLOJI”:  Inspired by Worlds of Warcraft: Karena Kliefoth's elf and troll cuddle together.  Nude but nothing's showing but cute.  10/8[Thumbnail of Niljames & Moloji]

“NO WORRIES”:  Chezne the cheetah and Zazelle the clouded leopard enjoy a little Afternoon Delight beneath a spreading tree.  © Chezne & Nicole.  20/12[Thumbnail of No Worries]

“NOVA”:  Nova, a three tailed Dingo/domestic dog hybrid; silver hair; brown eyes; sunglasses, black turtleneck; standing pose.  © N0va Halpern.  10/9[Thumbnail of Nova]

New at CaliFur 2015“ON THE WAY TO COMIC CON”:  Movie newbies cosplay as the heroes of the WIZARD OF OZ: Bilbo as the Scarecrow, Robocop as the Tin Man, Toothless as Toto, FROZEN's Anna as Dorothy, ape Caesar as the Cowardly Lion.  All skipping down the Yellow Brick Road.  10/8[Thumbnail of On The Way To Comic Con]

New at CaliFur 2015“OSIRIS & TAMERI”:  Osiris the Striped Hyena and the lovely Tameri (characters © Karl Kratt) having a nude interlude.  5/4[Thumbnail of Osiris & Tameri]

“PAIR OF ACES”:  Ringtails Chester and Kendall play poker with a wolverine pal.  And, of course, they are cheating.  30/23[Thumbnail of Pair Of Aces]

“PANSY”:  Florida Panther fem; dark blond hair; gold eyes; purple tank top pulled up to show breast, no panties; full frontal standing figure.  20/6[Thumbnail of Pansy]

“PARTY DRESSES”:  Molly Fullin and her friend Krinele, dressed in lovely gowns for a formal night out.  Multi-tailed fantasy females © Databank.  15/13[Thumbnail of Party Dresses]

“PASHELL”:  Malinois Belgian Shepherd fem; blond; mahogany eyes; stud earrings; white wrist bands; otherwise nude.  15/13[Thumbnail of Pashell]

“PHOTOSHOOT”:  Chester enjoys posing for a series of mug shots.  30/14[Thumbnail of Photoshoot]

“PLANET SNU SNU”:  Movie poster: Abakan the red squirrel in an astronaut suit – helmet removed – meets Mercy the hyena Amazon in her glorious nudity, and she's got snu-snu on her mind!  Characters © Abakan  20/18[Thumbnail of Planey Snu Snu]

New at CaliFur 2014“PLAY TIME”:  Desert Fox fellow enjoying some bondage play with his red and black male Dragon playmate.  10/7[Thumbnail of Play Time]

“POOLSIDE”:  Casidhe the arctic fox (red hair, blue eyes) and Zeitgeist the silver fox (silver hair, green eyes) lounge poolside in the nude.  © Casidhe.  20/10[Thumbnail of Poolside]

“POW-WOW”:  Puma pow-wows with pikas.  First Kingdom series.  15/2[Thumbnail of Pow Wow]

“PRETTY BLAZE”:  Blaze the fox (blond, blue eyes) poses nude; vestigial nipple buds.  Blaze © S. Alford.  10/1[Thumbnail of Pretty Blaze]

“PRETTY BOYS”:  Chester the Ringtail and Shadowfox (red fox male, brunette, green eyes) dressing up in pretty lingerie.  Chester is lacing up Shadowfox's merry widow.  Shadowfox © Shadowfox13.  Used with permission.  30/23[Thumbnail of Pretty Boys]

New at CaliFur 2014“PRINCESS GODZILLA”:  A little girl in a Godzilla suit, blowing soap bubbles.  5/4[Thumbnail of Princess Godzilla]

“PRIVATE VIEWING”:  White sheep/goat hybrid male; brown eyes; ram's horns; shirt, tie, black jacket all open down the front, red striped boxers pulled down just far enough to show erect member; he's doing a strip tease.  Moo is a character belonging to Commodore Marie, and is used with permission.  15/7[Thumbnail of Private Viewing]

“PROWL”:  Tabby cat; russet with black stripes; golden eyes; MMA fighter in blue spandex shorts and black gloves; adopted brother of Sierra.  Prowl is © Ogre302  15/13[Thumbnail of Prowl]

“RACHEL PINUP”:  Doe fem; black braided hair, blue eyes; purple choker, merrywidow, and panties; black fishnet stockings.  Full figure, sitting in an office chair, boots nearby, keyboard under her feet.  Keyboardist in Cassie's Band.  10/7[Thumbnail of Rachel Pinup]

“RANCHER'S GALS”:  Australian Shepherd gal (blonde, grey eyes, pink bra & panties) and a dapple grey horse fem (brown eyes, purple & green bra & panties) sitting facing each other -- the moment before the kiss.  Full body shot.  30/12[Thumbnail of Rancher's Gals]

“RAQUEL”:  Winged horse fem; bay; gold eyes; yellow bikini bottoms; topless but covered by a necklace of disks.  Full kneeling figure.  Modest.  20/7[Thumbnail of Raquel]

“RELI”:  Golden tabby fem; blond; green eyes; ropes of pearls; green spaghetti strap camisole, blue jeans.  She's in your car, leaning toward you…  10/7[Thumbnail of Reli]

“RENAISSANCE”:  Maned wolf fem; blond; blue eyes; gold necklace; black heeled sandals; full standing flank nude.  30/14[Thumbnail of Renaissance]

“RHODA”:  Red squirrel fem; blond; blue-green eyes; frontal nude.  20/3[Thumbnail of Rhoda]

“RIDE 'EM COWBOY”:  Chris Deck has been sweet-talked into a little mate-swapping. While Chester plays with Moo, Deck and Bucker (coyote/fox hybrid) get busy on the mechanical bull.  Mature  Bucker © Bucker, used with permission  15/10[Thumbnail of Ride'em Cowboy]

“RIKOSHI LOVES CHESTER”:  Chester makes tender love to Rikoshi the male red fox, amid green and purple cushions.  Rikoshi © Rikoshi.  30/13[Thumbnail of Rikoshi Loves Chester]

“RINGTAIL RENDEZVOUS”:  Chester the Ringtail Cat and Traven the Ringtailed Lemur having happy butt sex among green pillows.  Male/male sexual activity  20/14[Thumbnail of Ringtail Rendezvous]

“ROCK-N-ROLL”:  Tiptoe the brown rat and Popcorn the golden fox perform in their 80s hair band Astrix.  Characters © Tiptoe  20/19[Thumbnail of Rock-N-Roll]

“ROLAINE”:  Tiger quoll fem; red hair; brown eyes; pink bikini and lei; full kneeling figure.  Modest.  20/1[Thumbnail of Rolaine]

New at CaliFur 2015“RORSCHENE”:  White Fox fem with black markings; black hair; violet eyes; silver bead necklace; red violet bra, fingerless evening gloves and thigh boots; no panties.  Full standing figure.  © Rorschfox, used with permission.  10/9[Thumbnail of Rorschene]

“S'RSLY?”:  Hunter the rat girl (black hair, blue eyes) in a harem costume, standing before a very enthralled plump cat sheik.  Hunter © E. Dominick.  15/5[Thumbnail of S'Rsly?]

“SAFFRON”:  Tiger fem; red hair; amber eyes; full body nude kneeling pose, ¾ flank.  25/14[Thumbnail of Saffron]

New at CaliFur 2015“SAMIRA”: Grey Wolf fem; brunette; violet eyes; three silver earrings and a belly ring, jade bead necklace; using a yellow shawl to cover her breasts. No panties. 10/7[Thumbnail of Samira]

“SANDTIGER LOVES CHESTER”:  Sandtiger the cougar (chestnut hair, green eyes) mounted by Chester.  Sandtiger © N. Charles.  Explicit sexual content.  30/17[Thumbnail of Sandtiger Loves Chester]

“SDCC COSPLAY”:  Chibi versions of Legolas (LotR), Harry Potter (Harry Potter series), Max (Where the Wild Things Are), and Neytiri (Avatar).  Legolas plays Pied Piper, leading the others along as he plays his flute.  10/7[Thumbnail of SDCC Cosplay]

“SHANIA”:  Jackalope fem; blond; blue eyes; double-ring gold earrings and a turquoise stone necklace; stars & stripes bikini.  Modest.  35/24[Thumbnail of Shania]

“SHANIE”:  Red wolf fem; auburn hair; closed eyes; gold earrings and blue belly button stone; nude flank pose, howling at the moon.  30/10[Thumbnail of Shanie]

“SHIVA & YANG LI”:  Shiva the silver fox and Yang Li the dragon guitarist from Foxonian's all girl band.  20/13[Thumbnail of Shiva & Yang Li]

“SHYNE”:  Spotted hyena fem; blond; blue-green eyes; red heart-shaped sunglasses atop head, braided armband, and heart covered bottoms; ¾ rear topless nude, looking back over shoulder.  20/2[Thumbnail of Shyne]

“SIERRA”:  Tiger girl; black hair, green eyes; a boxer in red and white, looking tough and ready.  Sierra © Ogre302, used with permission.  20/16[Thumbnail of Sierra]

“SILARI & KHALIL”:  Cute Fennec Fox couple; Silari cuddles up to shy Khalil.  Characters © Aelius  15/9[Thumbnail of Silari & Khalil]

“SILAS”:  Raccoon fem; black hair, blue eyes; choker with a blue stone; full figure frontal nude.  10/6[Thumbnail of Silas]

“SO SMALL”:  Girlfriends Nikki (white cat) and Frankie (mouse) having a chat about the size of a certain date.  Characters © Tobi3B  20/18[Thumbnail of So Small]

“SONG OF HOPE”:  Sakura the arctic fox (natural hair, brown eyes) plays the banjo, sitting on his duffle bag.  © Tofu-fox.  20/13[Thumbnail of Song Of Hope]

New at CaliFur 2015“SPACE CADET”:  Space girl (auburn hair, green eyes) strikes a pose in her green two-piece body suit with her blaster as her timid robot cowers behind her.  5/4[Thumbnail of Space Cadet]

“SPACE STATION RENDEZVOUS”:  Chester the Ringtail and Kymri the snow leopard join the High Orbit Club as they have sex in the corridor of a space station.  Explicit male-male sexual activity.  15/11[Thumbnail of Space Station rendezvous]

“SPLENDID”:  Orange tabby fem; copper hair; blue green eyes; nude ¾ rear pose.  10/8[Thumbnail of Splendid]

“SPORT”:  Carousel Horse fem; chestnut, gold eyes; fancy trappings including saddle and bridle; breast exposed.  No, the pole is not run through her body – it's on the other side of her.  Really.  10/8[Thumbnail of Sport]

“STARMIST”:  Human girl in retro super hero costume, weird "winged glasses" style mask and all.  10/9[Thumbnail of Starmist]

“STORM”:  River Otter fem; brunette, caramel eyes; full figure ¾ rear nude, looking back over her shoulder.  10/7[Thumbnail of Storm]

"STRIP POKER”:  Dragon Orca, Chester and Sterling Silver play strip poker.  I think everyone's cheating except Sterling!  Characters © Dragon Orca  20/16[Thumbnail of Strip Poker]

“STYX”:  Grey wolf fem; black hair with a purple streak, blue eyes; black studded cuff and collar, thigh boots; full figure nude, wearing an electric guitar, standing in a gothic forest on a foggy night.  Styx © Un, used with permission.  20/12[Thumbnail of Styx]

“SUB MOLLY”:  Molly the Panda; silver hair, green eyes; nude, tied by white cloths to a post.  Revising a pose used previously, via private request.  20/12[Thumbnail of Sub Molly]

“SUMMERTIME”:  Cindy the snow leopard in her black string bikini and Cassie the red fox in her blue one-piece enjoying sun bathing at the beach.  © Foxonian.   15/12[Thumbnail of Summertime]

“SUMMERTIME FUN”:  Three friends (a wolf and otter guys and a red fox girl) cooling off by bobbing in the water.  10/9[Thumbnail of Summertime Fun]

“SUMMERTIME MOLLY”:  Molly the Dreamweaver in a blue one-piece swimsuit.  Molly © Databank.  20/9[Thumbnail of Summertime Molly]

“SUNNY DELIGHT”:  Marbled domestic fox fem; brunette; green eyes; red bead necklace; full body nude crouching flank pose.  25/8[Thumbnail of Sunny Delight]

New at CaliFur 2015“SWORD DANCE”:  Kaili the Fennec Fox (© Aelius) and Chester the Ringtail, stripped down to nothing but decoration and swords, dance the Sword Dance.  15/11[Thumbnail of Sword Dance]

“TASS”:  Cougar fem; blond; blue eyes; pink stone bracelet; nude rear shot, vulva visible; trailing green wrap trimmed in pink fluff.  20/13[Thumbnail of Tass]

“TENORIA”:  Asiatic ass fem; natural mane; brown eyes; pink polka-dot bra and panties.  Modest.  20/12[Thumbnail of Tenoria]

New at CaliFur 2015“THE DISRUPTOR”:  Chester at the Ren Fair!  Apparently he's been up to his usual mischief – we find him in the stocks with a line of folk waiting to tickle his bare feet in just punishment.  15/12[Thumbnail of The Disruptor

New at CaliFur 2014“THE WRITER”:  Desert Fox guy; blue eyes; brown slacks and shirt; sitting at a table taking notes, a laptop nearby.  Through the bay window behind him, there is a view of rocky mesa and a coming storm.  5/4[Thumbnail of The Writer]

“TOUCH ME”:  Linsang fem; brunette; grey eyes; silver stud earrings; kneeling nude, playing with herself.  Explicit sexual behavior.  30/6[Thumbnail of Touch Me]

“TRAVEN LOVES CHESTER”:  Chester the Ringtail Cat and Traven the Ringtailed Lemur posing together.  Traven © G. Cordova  20/15[Thumbnail of Travan Loves Chester]

“TREASURE HUNT”:  Morgan the grey cat and Ian the black wolf (Furkindred) in a cave, pause to look at their treasure map but end up looking deep into each other's eyes.  15/13[Thumbnail of Treasure Hunt]

“TRIO”:  Base the Jaguar and Blackclaw the Wolf and Bowtie the Blue Tiger are very good friends, as shown in this sweet scene of the three of them sharing a bed.  Modest and gen rated.  15/12[Thumbnail of Trio]

“TWILIGHT WOLF”:  A werewolf (black and white chimera) pauses in her night to stare out at the viewer.  Character © Wolf at Twilight  15/11[Thumbnail of Twilight Wolf]

“UNDER THE KILT”:  Hare male in full kilt regalia playing bagpipes.  Two young boys (Scottish Wildcat & Badger) in short pants have been peeking under the hare's kilt with varied responses.  20/5[Thumbnail of Under The Kilt]

“VIXINA & LARETTA”:  Vixina (red fox fem, tiger stripes, red hair, green eyes) and Laretta (grey wolf fem, rainbow hair, brown eyes), two more members of Cassie's Band.  Vixena wears glasses, a crop-top and short-shorts, and plays the violin.  Laretta wears a red bustier, leather skirt and plays electric guitar.  Vixina © Cloudchaser.  Laretta © A.Cotton.  Used with permission.  20/13[Thumbnail of Vixina & Larette]

“WANTED: ENTHUSIATIC GROOMER”:  Chester frontal nude, holding a hairbrush.  30/3[Thumbnail of Wanted: Enthusiastic Groomer]

“WARRENE II”:  Rock wallaby fem; brunette, dark brown eyes; black lace tied around her neck and base of tail, silver snake armlet; lying on her back, full frontal nudity, on pillows and satin sheets.  20/14[Thumbnail of Warrene II]

“WE THREE”:  Deck and Chester enjoying the company of Suel – the three boys cavort in bed.  Explicit male/male activity  20/11[Thumbnail of We Three]

“WELL DESERVED”:  Fuzz has thrown Chester over his knees and is prepared to spank his pert little bottom.   Chester is wearing the same outfit from "Buddy Sex", so this scene takes place probably immediately prior.  Fuzz is a character of Fuzzwolf's, and is used with permission.  30/18[Thumbnail of Well Deserved]

“WELL IN HAND”:  Gerhardt the Taun-Taun and Benji the Grey Kangaroo.  Benji fondles Gerhardt's impressive length.  Characters © socom3, used with permission.  10/6[Thumbnail of Well In Hand]

“WHAT IF”:  What if the night Red Shetland and Sir Karl spent together in the cave produced new life?  A VERY pregnant Red visits the cave with Sir Karl.  (Yeah, I know, that armour on a pregnant woman…)  Characters © Jim Groat 10/8[Thumbnail of What Iff]

“WHATEVER”:  Sequel to "S'rsly?" Hunter the mouse gives her master a blow job.  15/12[Thumbnail of Whatever]

“ZAREFA”:  Bobcat fem; blond; mahogany eyes; full body frontal nude (nipples visible) lounging in a chair with cherries.  20/5[Thumbnail of Zarefa]

“ZSA-ZSA & LITTLE RAJAH”:  Tiger fem; blond; blue eyes; gold earrings; nude full body on hands and knees, with a yawning zoomorphic tiger cub.  20/5[Thumbnail of Zsa-Zsa & Little Rajah]

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